Crisis is a test of resilience, demanding for immediate, decisive action and proactive strategies. At ALGO Law Firm, we are committed to helping you turn your crisis into a gateway for growth. With our uniquely robust crisis management services, we are equipped to assist high-profile individuals navigate these uncertain situations. Led by our Founding Partner, Ignacio M. Alvarez, we provide a strategic, insightful approach in mitigating and managing crises.

Unparalleled expertise to mitigate, manage, and navigate your next crisis.


Every crisis calls for a battle-tested team that knows the law inside and out, and more importantly, knows how to use it to your advantage. Our Founding Partner, Ignacio M. Alvarez, offers you this unique perspective, with over 25 years as a law enforcement veteran and former police major. Your crisis deserves not just any lawyer, but a seasoned strategist with a unique perspective on both sides of the law. When you engage Ignacio and his team, you are leveraging a wealth of knowledge and relationships designed to serve and protect your interests, your reputation, and your future.

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Crisis management is a high-stakes, multi-faceted challenge. It requires swift action, sound judgement, and exceptional communication skills. At ALGO Law Firm, we are equipped to manage and navigate these demanding circumstances, providing tailored solutions designed to mitigate long-term effects.

What’s Included:
  • Immediate Response: Prompt, expert assessment and action to address the situation right as it occurs.

  • Strategic Management: Offering pragmatic, problem-solving strategies tailored to each unique crisis.

  • Media and Communication Support: Guidance on managing the press, crafting public statements, and effectively dealing with social media.

  • Legal Representation: Defending your interests and representing you in any ensuing civil or criminal actions.

We provide precision in the eye of the storm

What to Expect…

Crisis management is not just about immediate response, but also about ensuring minimal impact on your long-term reputation and interests.

Led by Founding Partner Ignacio M. Alvarez, a law enforcement veteran of over 25 years and former police major, you get access to an extremely unique skill set that provides insights from both sides of the law. Our sole objective is to achieve the best results for you. With our personalized client-first approach, we take measured steps to quickly immerse ourselves in your business and operate as an extension of your team to manage risk, resolve pressing interests, and achieve your goals.

ALGO brings decades of diverse real-world experience in a variety of legal areas and domains.

We are not your traditional law firm.

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